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TravelCafe Cruise Week

This is well worth serious consideration for your holiday in 2015 or even 2016. P&O cruises are excellent value plus they have the easiest payment terms of any holiday we know – just pay a deposit now and the balance can wait until nearer departure.

There’s short cruises, cruises around the islands, cruises around NZ and cruises in the 2015 and 2016 April school holidays. Quad prices start from $399 per person and share twin from $578 – all inclusive. Some of these cruises include Onboard Credits and even lower deposits. Dates in green are School Holidays

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NOTE: Green background denotes School Holiday period | Bright yellow background denotes Select Sailing including AUD $200 Onboard Credit (OBC)
P513Comedy42-Apr-2015SydneyAuckland6-Apr-2015$666 ENQUIRE NOW
P514Melanesian Discovery106-Apr-2015AucklandAuckland16-Apr-2015$1,550 ENQUIRE NOW
P515Comedy416-Apr-2015AucklandAuckland19-Apr-2015$541 ENQUIRE NOW
P516Melanesian Discovery1019-Apr-2015AucklandAuckland29-Apr-2015$1,149 ENQUIRE NOW
P517Pacific Island Hopper929-Apr-2015AucklandAuckland8-May-2015$949 ENQUIRE NOW
P518Vanuatu Adventure108-May-2015AucklandAuckland18-May-2015$1,049 ENQUIRE NOW
P519Pacific Island Hopper918-May-2015AucklandAuckland27-May-2015$979 ENQUIRE NOW
P520Tongan Discovery1027-May-2015AucklandAuckland6-Jun-2015$1,149 ENQUIRE NOW
P521Comedy46-Jun-2015AucklandSydney10-Jun-2015$399 ENQUIRE NOW
P521ABarrier Reef Discovery146-Jun-2015AucklandSydney20-Jun-2015$1,449 ENQUIRE NOW
P608NNapier44-Feb-2016AucklandAuckland8-Feb-2016$699 ENQUIRE NOW
P611NNapier426-Feb-2016AucklandAuckland1-Mar-2016$699 ENQUIRE NOW
P612NKiwi Explorer101-Mar-2016AucklandAuckland11-Mar-2016$1,499 ENQUIRE NOW
P613NFood & Wine311-Mar-2016AucklandAuckland14-Mar-2016$579 ENQUIRE NOW
P614NMelanesian Discovery1014-Mar-2016AucklandAuckland24-Mar-2016$1,499 ENQUIRE NOW
P615NBay of Islands424-Mar-2016AucklandAuckland28-Mar-2016$699 ENQUIRE NOW
P616NFiji Encounter828-Mar-2016AucklandAuckland5-Apr-2016$1,049 ENQUIRE NOW
P617Tongan Discovery105-Apr-2016AucklandAuckland15-Apr-2016$1,549 ENQUIRE NOW
P618Food & Wine315-Apr-2016AucklandAuckland18-Apr-2016$579 ENQUIRE NOW
P619Pacific Island Hopper918-Apr-2016AucklandAuckland27-Apr-2016$1,499 ENQUIRE NOW
P623NPolynesian Explorer1526-May-2016AucklandAuckland10-Jun-2016$1,949 ENQUIRE NOW

Payment Options

  • Pay your deposit by internet banking or we accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex (a 1.5% fee applies for payments by credit cards)
  • If you’d like to set up a Layby arrangement for the balance just let your consultant know. Otherwise payment of the balance is due a couple of months prior to departure and you’ll find the exact date on the relevant cruise page. Your cabin is protected in the meantime.
  • All cruise prices advertised are per person and based on the cheapest cabin types available. Your TravelCafe consultant can check and advise pricing on alternative cabins for you as well.
  • Cancellation fees do apply
  • All prices are subject to change, and cabins categories sell out quite quickly
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  • Exp: October 7, 2014

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